Pabx for Business

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Cloud PBX is the solution Modern Communication Technology


Good communication is essential to building a company’s image or business organization; establish communication between staff, customers, and business partners are crucial to improve the consumer’s belief that the company as a whole must improve productivity.

Having a reliable means of communication becomes a necessity for effective business development. Cloud PBX technology with the reliability and features of the non-interruption of service may be required for your business.

Advantages Cloud PABX

Cloud PABX works by utilizing internet services integrate with PABX system which is a private telephone network to handle outgoing and incoming calls inside the company. Initially used for Cloud PBX Call Centre industry that can handle telephone calls in large numbers, but is currently available for small office business.

If your business has multiple branches that are connected to the PABX cloud is very beneficial for businesses, VoIP technology system that is owned can handle calls from all branches you even if you were never an is in place.

Often we miss the important simply because consumers cannot connect, Cloud PBX can handle these calls easily, and it takes only an internet connection either Wi-Fi or 3G

Cloud PABX enables improved communications make good structures at all branches for external and internal use can increase productivity by giving excellent customer service.


Telephone systems for small businesses

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The importance of small businesses use telephone system


In today’s competitive world, the phone is one of the easiest ways to clients and customers can be reached. Effective communication plays a vital role in the success of any business. Efficient communication system, therefore, is the origin of all the companies. Phone systems for small businesses and maintaining customer relationships, better return on investment all the way for all of the owners of small and medium industries do. In addition, companies can offer affordable communication system. Fast communication media as a small business phone system can play a role in their soft tissue.

Their own PBX (private branch exchange), key systems and KSU phone, there are three major types of commercial telephone systems. Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, voice over using the fourth type of communication system.

The current telephone systems for small businesses with outstanding features and phone features. The common feature of these systems, such as call waiting, call on hold, auto attendant, call forwarding, automatic call distributor, fax facilities, speaker phone, conference calls, automatic directory services, Automatic ring back, speed dial, multiple expansion. Call forwarding facility, the company hosted PBX system to ensure you will not miss all incoming calls. , Depending on the capabilities of the virtual machine process, which mainly includes the purchase and installation costs?

One of the standard features of PBX systems, voice facility, which customers leave a message in this particular situation will help. Can improve the voice mail system and a professional image for small businesses. These basic functions, as well as the system to be able to communicate user-defined personnel of facilities, such as music-on-hold, like a welcome message can be included to provide a professional touch to the organization. As a result of the rapid development of information technology, many companies now enter the field of small and medium-sized hosted PBX system easily afford.

Transactions and tend to receive more incoming calls related to the telephone system organization for small businesses for the tremendous utility value. Such a system combines excellent management and customer strategies, to improve their ability to SME businesses.


What is telephone system ?

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Provides business telephone systems


Business phone system is affordable, it is important that all branches of the world. To contact the staff and customers and the company’s phone system can be used as the best mode of communication. No matter how large or small, just a sophisticated telephone system that can create a better corporate image.

To build a strong corporate image, a good business phone system designed to save cost, reliable and able to maximize all functions without having to install expensive equipment. Telephone company engineer who worked in a variety of communication during the installation of business telephone systems to provide technical support.

Business telephone system provides many features and options. In particular, the mobile business user friendly and easy to operate. Related function calls, conference calling and call waiting. Many users via conference call to receive information at the same time. Continuous function to display a second call during a call waiting call.

Business phone system will help to find some people to call ahead to provide call forwarding find-me/follow-me. This is a call in the department of transportation is the same as the others. Some of the advanced features of e-mail / fax to e-mail contain a memo. These features can work and simply from the absence of relatively free of errors.

Auto Attendant provides the most useful features and attractive is the business phone system. Auto Attendant features as provided by the pre-recorded message will appear. For example, business personnel records, or interactive voice response can be tailored to the needs of the organization.

Through all the amazing features and powerful communications interface and excellent communication inbound and outbound as well be written in terms of organization. Some people in your organization when you call the caller do not have any problem. Your organization have a phone line, but some of them for different purposes may not be customers effective business phone system will not be a scout abandoned all calls will be answered with high efficiency and ensure that

Business telephone system call forwarding capabilities or a missed call came. Through call forwarding, no matter where you are from any part of the world, you can manage your business. Call forwarding number of advanced features of the ring after leaving a message on the voicemail box, visitors will be chained.


What is a pabx system ?

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what is a pabx system?  :  Pabx


Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) is a communications technology that regulates the relationship between customer telephone without having to go through the local central, and serves as a gateway in the network connects to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

• Central PABX

PABX is a central coordinating centre of all the PABX network component that serves as call processing and call switching, As well as containing a data base of customers. PABX is designed with two interfaces, namely, line and trunk, internal call processing function as call switching hardware and software. Line interface terminal is connected with telephone and fax, while the trunk interface connected to the local central Network (PSTN) or other central PABX. Call processing function to compare the digit is pressed with a pattern that addresses configured on the central telephone, signalling process and the process of splicing in terms of hardware.

PABX internal components of the call processing and call switching function provides intelligence to translate the digits are pressed into the location / destination address, and connects the call to come up with an appropriate interface. For example, a customer’s PABX to make calls to other customers, from the same central PABX, then it must recognize the central PABX digit number is pressed, specify the port number associated with the dialled digits, assign a ringtone to the destination telephone, and connect the call when the call (called party) to answer. Translator’s digit number that is pressed into the location or destination address is the call processing functions while the inbound call to the outbound link interface, the call switching function.



Small Office Phone System

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maximize the use of a small office phone system

Establish a small office or business is still small scale, the use of the phone system will be a major consideration, to streamline the number of office employees for operational systems more efficient.

With feature phone system such as

DISA (Direct Access station) or the Auto Attendant is an automatic answering machine will direct incoming telephone service to the automated menu that has previously been prepared. With an automated service menu callers can be connected directly assigned to the destination, without having to wait operator who will transfer to the extension of the field.

With this system the operator and reduces the need to answer every call.

Provides multi-channel line at least 2 or 4 channels PTSN telephone to telephone in and out more efficiently.


VoIP business phone systems. Talk about the best small office phone system, is not complete without mention of VoIP business phone systems. With VoIP or Voice over Internet Provider may be made by telephone are relatively cheap cost, simply by connecting a broadband Internet.

How does it work? Analogue voice data is converted into digital data transmitted via the Internet. economic prospects of the service price will be very cheap at all from the perspective of the traditional phone network is different to ignore the call. The business users of VoIP business phone systems also rely to Skype. Even the traditional phone companies now offer their own version of a VoIP phone. Now you select a small office telephone system which is best for you




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Combines mobile communication with a telephone company


This service allows customers to treat the GSM cellular telephone networks as part of the company. Corporate customers can make direct calls to the extension number of the provider by using a certain number

The integration of GSM PABX implement competitive cost (fixed national tariff) for all calls, whether from cellular or mobile extension to the extension. In addition, this facility is also designed to optimize the company’s personal telephone networks for voice and GSM mobile workers.

By using GSM PABX integration, corporate companies will enjoy seamless communication along with reducing internal communication costs.

GSM-PBX Integration gives the following advantages:

Cost efficiency

Using the flat rate scheme for national coverage

Simplicity and unity between the cellular and telephone

Phone to make calls from mobile or from mobile phone to the short code.

Corporate Bulk SMS

One click to spread the message

Corporate Bulk SMS enables corporate customers to do the SMS Broadcast to the workers who use a cell phone. Our solution offers all the comfort in the company to send a message to all employees with a single click, via SMS within minutes even seconds.

SMS Broadcast

Broadcast SMS application from the company will be directly connected to the CDMA Or GSM network in which companies can send messages in an easy, safe and high speed.


Privder GSM / CDMA provides a web application for SMS broadcast to corporate customers as an alternative media to support information exchange and communication between companies.

Corporate Bulk SMS SMS Broadcast is a service provider using GSM has the following advantages:

• The cost efficiency

This service will significantly offset the cost of sending a random message.

• Display a unique

Corporate customers can view the company name as the sender’s identity as a brand     image, the official information and an effective marketing tool.

• Efficient, fast and easy to send a message

Messages are dikiirmkan simultaneously to each worker. This process will become easier with maximum results.


Services Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) offered as a value-added services for the leased line network, ISP and MPLS customers. This service includes international dialing (IDD), National (DLD) and calls to mobile directly from the company phone system (PABX) with competitive rates. This is possible because of a direct connection from the phone company’s network to the VoIP GSM networks using leased lines provided

This solution offers several advantages to the customers Business Solutions

• Reduce the cost of

GSM VoIP solutions offer a very cost efficient for long distance calls without any additional local costs.

• Use of efficient investment

Increase the efficient use of investments that have been done using existing infrastructure to connect the LL / ISP.

• The level of quality and high capacity

Voice traffic that goes through the quality of the GSM backbone which is the main part of the VoIP GSM network.

• Ease of use

o Just one easy step from the desk phone.

o Independent of the existing telephone network


Telephone Pbx System

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Benefits pabx phone system for office


A company that has many branches, they often struggle to effectively manage the branch offices, in this case makes communication very important. To support business telephone PBX System may be the right choice, to realize that effective communication between branches.

PABX phone system to make it a necessity

With the integration of the PBX business telephone system network. Staff will provide convenience to the employees to stay connected between extension and between branches at any time in an inexpensive way. Owned by maximizing feature PABX telephone system would be petrified to make an efficient communication.

PBX Phone System with many features

Advanced features that have a conventional telephone system were integrals the PBX Telephone System, so you can adjust according to the needs of some features of the PABX telephone system without purchasing additional equipment

• Answering System

• operator call

• Voice Mail Integgration

• Hold Music

• Automatic route Selection (ARS)

• conference

• Caller ID

• Uniform Call Distribution (UCD)

• Call retrition

• Dial by name




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ISDN stands for Integrated Services Data network. ISDN is a set of communication standards or protocols for glutinous transmission of voice, data, video or any other network services using the same pair of wires being widely used in PSTN (Public Switched Trunk Network). ISDN normally comes in two configurations BRI (Basic rate interface) and PRI (Primary rate Interface). In a nutshell, BRI provides two 64kbps links while PRI provides either 30 64KPBS lines or 24 64KBPS lines depending on E1 or T1 connectivity.

Major benefit of ISDN over POTS (plain old telephone system), same pair of wires could be used for multiple services or same service multiple times which otherwise needed more pair of wires.


ISDN link is now a day’s almost standard feature for any higher end PBX systems. It provides many useful features to a PBX. ISDN PRI is also widely used to connect to various CTI applications.

Many PBX manufacturers provide ISDN PRI facility extra in a child board or PCB which could be plugged in main PBX cabinet for extra ISDN channel or functionality. Since ISDN facility is costly and normally required for high end voice/data or networking applications, many provide them in separate PCB or module for future enhancements.


ISDN feature is used in PBX in many ways. Some of the important usages are:-

1. Connect Multiple PBX Systems

ISDN PRI is widely used to connect multiple PBX systems for making wide area network. Easiest way to connect two PBX systems is using a transparent 2MBPS data link using ISDN PRI protocol. A big network of PBX systems in a large geographical area could be created for voice and data networking using ISDN.

2. Connecting CTI Applications

ISDN is one of the easiest and most widely used interfacing protocols to connect CTI Applications. ISDN provides many call related information line caller ID, Dialled Number Identification (DNI) etc. which provides CTI applications opportunity to create many advanced CTI applications.

3. DID/DOD Facility

Advanced features of PBX like DID (Direct Inward Dialling), DOD (Direct Outward Dialling); Auto attendant etc. could be implemented using ISDN PRI in PBX system.

4. ACD Group and Call Centre

Advanced ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) groups could create using ISDN PRI links. PBX with ISDN PRI link is very useful in call centre PBX systems where advanced call routing is required to provide calls to human agents uniformly.

Though ISDN has been taken over by other technologies like SS7, ADSL, ISDN is still widely used in PBX. For any high end PBX or any PBX which aims to offer many advanced communication and networking feature, ISDN link support is a must.



Training Pabx

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Basic Techniques PABX


Telecommunications system consists of several support systems

the terminal system, switching, transmission and power supply. sub-system

terminal for instance can we put down the phone, the aircraft

telex, facsimile, computers, data terminals and so on.

sub-system switching we can put the telephone exchange, the central data, the central

telex and so on.

Configuration block diagram of a telecommunication system

Telecommunications Systems

The picture above shows that each sub system does not stand alone,

although in fact already be operate on their own.

But for to achieve the purpose of providing

something that is useful in providing telecommunication services

a whole, then each sub-system had to be mutually supports.

The terminal will have power when connected to

Switching, to connect the terminal with necessary switching

transmission media. The most important in the operation of each sub

is the power supply system as a source of power ration.

All sub-systems within the telecommunications system is




Automated telephone system

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How the automated telephone system to give Business advantage


Learn how the automatic telephone system can help your business to increase profits. In this case I will discuss some of the factors of automatic telephone system features.

Automated telephone answering machine calls

Automatic telephone answering function to forward incoming calls directly to the intended extension without having to go through the operator. With limited staff of the operator can work on other tasks

Greeting automatic answering machine message directing it to extension telephone than the destination, but also other departments in accordance with what we want / setting or even the telephone out.

Now your customers or prospective customers can enjoy the benefits of automated telephone system, the ease and advantages of the automatic telephone answering machine will handle all incoming telephone without having to wait due to busy telephone. Corporate image or your office either in the eyes of the customer, do not miss important calls again, share the burden of incoming operators

Call Forwarding-Calls important

Automated telephone system will not miss important calls are longer, the time you are not currently in place or out of office, incoming intercom calls and customer calls can be transferred to your extension forwarded to another or even to your mobile phones that have been in the previous program, so that it can provide facilities in the company’s overall service

Automated telephone systems such as PABX system allow your business can receive greater benefits than the telephone system manual.

Automated telephone answering systems such as virtual PBX phone system will also allow your business to accept a greater volume of calls the system manually. By the time all your staff are busy talking with prospects, if another prospect coming into the system, they will not get a busy signal. Instead, they received the call and put in the queue. Once an extension is freed, the caller can be routed to talk to someone on your team. This allows your business to overcome the lead that others may have slipped through the system. The more smoothly your business communications, the more likely your sales figures will rise.

Automatic Call Distribution – efficient handling of calls

These virtual PBX phone systems such as automated telephone response system are also a manual business system can receive a large number of calls. All our staff is busy talking and letting potential customers. If a potential customer that enter into the system, they cannot get a busy signal. Instead, they get a phone and put it in the queue. If the extension is disabled and routes the caller to speak to someone on the team. This project could slip through the system can overcome the other guide. For more business sales you are more likely to have high lead levels.


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